Listing of Stories

A Healing Season~~In a creaking front porch swing, a heart begins to heal.

Kindred Spirits~~Bascom was a lot of things--but mostly he was dead. Finally.

The Advertisement~~Finding Miss Eleanor a home isn't as easy as it sounds.

But Mostly Loved~~Elizabeth comes home to the land. And Yancy.

Some Enchanted Evening~~Pamela decides that being "promised" doesn't make the worst-thing list.

When Love Returns~~The past and the present come full circle.

The Enchanting~~Ally, ally, oxen free. Ronald loses.

The Sweetest Deal~~Never trust a used car salesman wearing plaid pants.

A Matter of Perspective~~Father and daughter. Mystery and magic.

An Apple-Tree Anniversary~~Never understimate pledges made and the passage of time.

The Good Daughter~~Glory's coming of age needed tenderness. Too bad she didn't get it.

The Day Napoleon Got Even~~Matt-the-brat learns that turtles are not baseballs.

Calvin and Coolidge~~Two cool critters even the score.

A Christmas Angel~~Angelina was five--in angel years. And uncommonly enlightened.

A Christmas Child~~Margaret Anderson learns about love.

Christmas Eve~~Waiting for Santa can be exciting. And scary.

The Missing-Bells Mystery~~A town learns the lesson of sharing.

Blossom~~The sweetest little face. Cute smile. Yeah, Hildy's baby girl was really something.

Graduation Night~~I should've taken the bus.

Shades of Guilt~~Six years of napping and gaining weight was long enough.

A Bird's-Eye View~~Polly scoops out a scam.

It Takes a Thief~~Who is their right mind steals a world famous diamond?

Look to the Stars~~Lucky should've stayed Winifred.

Meet Willie Tackett~~Martin was the king of cool. And the joker.

The Nest Egg~~When a fortune falls into your hands it might be wise to be skeptical.

The Alibi~~Amanda lives to prosecute criminals. Maybe there's more to life than crime.

The Good Father~~Stanley is stupid.

'Til Death Us Do Part~~Nichole is even stupider. Maybe they're twins.

The Unveiling~~Lacy needs to keep her feet on the ground for a while.

The New CEO~~Sit in the corner, keep your mouth shut, and learn stuff.

The Signet Ring~~Don't break your promise until after you've gotten the money.

Happy New Year!~~Jewelry designers shouldn't attend parties given by their rich clients.

Sweets for the Sweet~~How to lose your inheritace and your main squeeze at the same time.

A Stormy Beginning~~Colleen deserves the best. Guy fills the bill. Richard is a creep.

When You Don't Listen~~Old ladies will not lie to you.

The Final Curtain~~Nigel Newhouse was a fine actor. Too bad he didn't rehearse the final scene.

Justice the Hard Way~~Harry. Harry. Harry.

Here Comes the Bride~~Myrna bungles the crime. And misses the wedding.

One Small Detail~~When luck was dished out some people got more than their share.

The Candidate~~Politics is dirty. Or not.

Revelations~~Rotting from the inside sometimes takes time. But finally you die.

Daniel and Elizabeth~~Don't go jumping to conclusions.

The Vigil~~Lord, lord, where is this woman's head? She's likely still waiting.