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Janice Miller/Me/Jon Bolt/Delilah O'Haynes
A room full of talent
Poetry @ Abingdon/Wash. Co. Library
Poets all in a row
Some of the Usual Suspects
Sean O'Sullivan/Christmas '08 @Zazzy'z
Henry McCarthy/Me/Sean @Zazzy'z
Gerry Porter & Me @Zazzy'z
Dr. Sam Miller/Me/David Winship @Zazzy'z
Me & Natalie @Zazzy'z
Big Read @Zazzy'z 2-27-09
Big Read~~Carol Jackson/Mona Sweeney
Gerry Porter/Me
Michelle Ratliff/Mona/Gerry/Me
David Winship
Carol Jackson
Gerry Porter
Henry McCarthy
Eating before Abingdon Writers Meeting
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